social emotional learning and stem

The Importance of Teaching Social-Emotional Learning Alongside STEM

social emotional learning and stem

Our current focus in schools on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) tends to emphasize core subjects rather than taking a holistic learning approach.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is equally important in the development of young minds. It's the knowledge, understanding, and proper use of emotions, decision-making, and being socially and self aware. Through interacting with others, overcoming challenges, and facing failures and setbacks, students learn how to relate to themselves and their world in a positive way.

That's why we believe the development of STEM skills alongside SEL is key to guiding children to become the leaders of tomorrow. Here we're sharing three of our top reasons why:

Reduces cyber-bullying

Our children need to be prepared with the STEM know-how for our tech-based world and they need the ability to connect empathically with people. We are a screen society, but we also need to create a person-to-person society—knowing that there is a person behind every screen.

Fosters a growth-mindset

Hands-on learning, creative engineering, and solving difficult technological sequences builds confidence and collaboration. As students learn to try, try, and try again, they begin to understand how each mistake leads to improved results, believe in their ability to improve, and encourage themselves and others.

Develops soft skills

Soft skills are the personal attributes needed to get along with others, self-regulate and manage set-backs. Paired with 'hard skills' like STEM knowledge, they set children up for future success. More and more often workplaces are considering evidence of soft skills as they hire employees. It's something we've kept in mind at Little Robot Friend HQ. Our robots teach children to code but they also learn empathy and communication—each robot responds to touch and sound. 

 STEM learning is the perfect place for social-emotional learning to blossom, do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on the connection between SEL and STEM.