Online Summer Camp + KIT == OPEN

Registration now open!!

We're pleased to announce our Summer 2021 Camp Schedule!! Building on the success of our online camp + activity kit from last summer, we've created two themes to excite kids aged 7-10 in digital making. We're mixing computer-based activities like coding, animation, and 3D design, with hands-on crafting activities that engages both sides of the brain. Limited spaces available!

Get creative with technology

Introduce your kid to the world of coding, electronics and how technology works, then get ready to meet your next inventor.  


Looking to inspire your child to create & invent using technology? We run our own programs that are refined to teach foundational STEAM skills, while keeping your child engaged and entertained.

For March Break Camps, Summer Camps, Coding Clubs, Birthday Parties, and more just click the link below...

Set your child up for success

We Love Coding.

And we want you to love it too. Our software makes coding fun and rewarding, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Customize your Friend.

The LRF App makes it easy to explore your robot, create unique expressions, and get familiar with the hardware and coding concepts.

Experiment with Code.

LRF Blocks provides drag-n-drop visual programming with code blocks. The quickest way to experiment and learn by coding your robot.

It can do so much more.

The LRF Arduino Library lets you to fully customize your robot using C and C++. Teach your robot new tricks and unlock hidden features.


What people are saying:

“I see kids get really excited about...getting to program and make them do something, which I don’t think before the workshop they thought they were capable of doing.”

Michelle Mismash, TDSB Teacher

“My robot's name is E.T. I liked learning how to tap the sensors and make it do different things. I made expressions for all of the parts!”

Emily M., 7 years old

“That WOW factor... when students can see there's a direct relation to how [their interaction] affects the robot. I think that was really exciting for the students.”

Lisa Goldberg, Director - Action Potential Lab

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