Cubby Robot Kit

Cubby Robot Kit

Meet the Brand New Little Robot Friend: Cubby! 

Research shows that kids are more focused and determined when learning to code with a hardware device. Our experience proves this to be true, and is the reason we’ve created our own educational robot: Cubby

Cubby doesn’t hide any components, making it easy for kids to see how the technology works.

We begin with the basics: hardware & software, sensors & processors, inputs & outputs. Kids can customize how their Cubby behaves and expresses itself.

Within the first hour, children as young as 7 are ready to create their own program for the robot. 

When each kid has their own robot, they form an emotional bond with it. They become the ones teaching the robot, and in process, they learn computational thinking, basic coding and electronics, and gain the confidence to invent with technology.

Cubby can respond to touch, light, sound and movement by making adorable robot beeps and changing light color eyes. 

Use craft materials, or our free printable online costumes, to customize your robots look and feel. Relive characters from the past, present, and future - or create your own unique character. There are lots of ways to make your Cubby a one-of-a-kind bot.  

Originally created for Canada Learning Code's TeacherCon, Cubby has been adopted by teachers across Canada and recently been final-listed for the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards in 2019!   

What is in a Cubby?

  • 2x RGB (red / green / blue) LED eyes
  • 1/4 watt speaker
  • 3x golden touch points (head, left & right hands)
  • microphone 
  • photocell (light sensor)
  • accelerometer (motion sensor)
  • rechargeable battery
  • micro-usb port for charging & programming

What is in the box?

  • 1x Cubby robot (fully-assembled)
  • 1x micro usb cable
  • 1x LRF sticker
  • 1x Quick start guide poster (english / french)

Our software...

Our LRF App has an easy drag-and-drop interface for creating your own robot expressions. Then take your learning to the next level by programming tricks and songs in Arduino (C & C++). All tutorials are available online and will help turn beginners into pros!

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