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That WOW factor... when students can see there's a direct relation to how [their interaction] affects the robot. I think that was really exciting for the students.

Lisa Goldberg - Action Potential Lab

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Some frequently asked questions:

Why did you start Little Robot Friends?

We love technology. For us, it’s magical. Well designed tech can bring a smile to someone’s face, it can inspire people to learn, and connect people together. But in order to create with technology you first need to learn how it works. So - we set out to make the best platform for learning about the relationship between hardware and software, and how to get curious minds thinking creatively about technology.

Where are you located?

Little Robot Friends operates out of a building at 1832 Danforth Ave. Toronto Ontario Canada, eh!

How do you teach code?

Learning code can be challenging for most people - especially kids. We don’t expect people to get it right away. Which is why it’s important to start with some working code and to start changing it. You’ll find out what works and what breaks. By making lots of small changes, with quick feedback, kids can slowly grasp how their actions are affecting their robot. Our LRFBlocks editor is perfect for starting this exploration.

Where can I buy Little Robot Friends?

You can buy Little Robot Friends from our website here, on, and We’re looking to add retail partners in 2018 to help us reach a wider audience.

Why don’t Little Robot Friends move?

Moving robots only do something cool when you put them down. It’s not very personal. We wanted to make robots that do cool things when you pick them up and hold them.

Are you an Education company? Or a Toy company?

Our goal is to be an education company with wide commercial appeal. We think of it this way - would you consider a Science Center to be an educational institution? Technically, they create an entertainment product but there is no doubt that strong educational content is a key component of their offering. Our goals are the same. In order to learn you must be amused and inspired to dig deeper into a subject, so we wanted to make a product that feels like a toy but with strong educational content.

Do you offer workshops? Do you teach code in person?

If you’re located in Toronto, we offer occasional workshops at our studio (1832 Danforth Ave.) or at a partner institution. However, there are libraries and makerspaces around the world who are offering Little Robot Friends workshops. If you want to find out more give us a shout!