Learning With Robots Teaches Valuable Interdisciplinary Skills

Learning With Robots Teaches Valuable Interdisciplinary Skills

benefits of learning with robots

Why do we teach with robots? Why not just a computer and a screen?

It turns out learning with robots is a more engaging and interdisciplinary for kids. Having an object helps promote hands-on activities for children to learn valuable skills that they can use now and in their future. 

Kids learn quite a bit from robots, here are four of the skills:

1. Robots spark creativity

Learning with robots provides children opportunities to explore their original ideas and imaginative. There is no limit as to what their designs and plans may be—they can program the robot to do anything they wish. 

2. Robots encourage hands-on learning

Robot challenges children to create something functional. Through tangible, hands-on learning, kids lean on their knowledge by experimenting and creating, as well as build new skills along the way.

3. Robots help develop social skills

By working in a team or a group to create something with their robots, children develop their communication, listening and collaboration skills. Working with others on a project is a corner stone of social-emotional development.

4. Robots develop computational thinking

Computational thinking is very abstract for kids but when they experience algorithms, loops, and conditional statements through working with a robot, they can more easily comprehend the concept, since they can see what their programming and rules actually do. 

This is just the start of the skills children learn from robots, there's plenty more skills we can add to this list. Would you like to know more? Follow us on social where share them.