Four Lessons To Supercharge Growth Mindset

Four Lessons To Supercharge Growth Mindset

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Nobody likes failure. But making mistakes is how we learn. The more mistakes you make, the smarter you'll become. We believe it's imperative to teach kids to be resilient and persistent in the face of challenges, and embracing a growth mindset is how they can successfully tackle their future.

Ready to up your mental game? We're sharing our top four mindset lessons to supercharge a growth mindset.


Reframe Mistakes

More and more we're reading about companies sharing their failures, so that others can learn from their mistakes and everyone can get closer to solving the problem. Isn't that refreshing?  

Mindset Lesson: Let's reframe the way we see mistakes. Rather than failures they're just something we don't know how to do...yet!


Encourage Risk-Taking

Innovation often stems from curiosity and creativity. If we approach taking risks with positivity and patience, children feel secure enough to step into the unknown.

Mindset Lesson: Model trying new things and share your experiences—successes and failures.


Effort Counts

By shifting the focus to recognizing your child's effort rather than a trait (e.g., smart), they'll learn that their success is based on hard work and perseverance rather than skill and it will help encourage them to keep challenging themselves.

Mindset Lesson: Recognize effort and growth over time.


Change The Self-Talk

Let's face it—it's frustrating when things aren't going they way we planned and when this happens, it's easy to fall into a fixed mindset headspace filled with negative self-talk (e.g., I don't know anything, I'll never figure this out). Reframe the negativity with phrases that will promote rather than hinder growth.

Mindset Lesson: Change the way you speak about yourself. Plan to overcome negative self-talk by preparing a few alternative phrases ahead of time.

How do you encourage a growth mindset in others? We'd love to hear your strategies!