Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are your refund and missed classes policies?

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My child does not have much computer/coding/design experience. How will they do in day camp?

We always design our day camp curriculum with beginners in mind, as we don't have specific skill requirements to join them! Many campers who join us for the summer, march break, or a PA day, end up enrolling in our after school/saturday Coding Club program if they want to further enhance their learning.

In a typical week-long camp session, campers will work towards one cumulative tech-based project with the steps broken down day by day, with lots of collaboration and guidance from our expert instructors.

If you'd like to get a more specific opinion for your child, feel free to email us at!

My child is just below the age bracket to join a day camp. Will they be ok to join that level, or will they have to wait?

This one we usually leave up to the parents. If you feel your child would be comfortable jumping in about half-way through the grade above them, (ie, they are turning 6 in August, but would do just fine in grade 1 in January) they would probably do just fine with us.

In general, reading ability, hands-on skills, and how comfortable they are with technology are good indicators of success in our programs. But, a high level of enthusiasm can often make up for a lower ability elsewhere!

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