STEAM Class!

Bring Little Robot Friends to your class!


For schools and event spaces in the City of Toronto, we offer a 2.5-hour hands-on workshop all about code and electronics with a creative flair. Our workshop is led by a seasoned STEM/Maker educator and guarantee a super fun time for the kids. Let’s have a STEAM-y afternoon!

  • Ideal for age 7-10 (Grade 1-4)
  • We bring the laptops, robots, and craft materials
  • Up to 24 students working together in pair (12 laptops and 24 robots)
  • Customizable themed activities
  • We leave you with some tips and content for further exploration

Cost: $250 + HST

Travel fee may apply depending on location


Email us at with the subject line: LRF STEAM Class. Tell us your name and organization so we can get in touch with you!


Schedule a call at Tell us your name, organization, and phone number. We'll confirm and give you a call! 



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Depending on the type of class a LRF educator either leads the class through the lessons or supports the class by providing additional help. Knowledge and comfortability with technology is a strong help, but the most important qualities are compassion and patience. As described above our primary goal is to build confidence, so being able to empathize with kids at this stage of learning is really important for achieving that.
Education Manager is a bit of a catch-all for LRF. The main role is to work as a liaison between parents, kids, and educators and keep classes running smoothly. We expect that during the early months of the role, the education manager will also lead the instruction of some classes to familiarize themselves with the class material and our teaching style.