Introducing: Cubby!

This clever code-able bear is the freshest friend in our Little Robot family!

Designed for Education

This year we partnered with Canada Learning Code, a nationally-celebrated organization, and TeacherCon, a Canada-based initiative for getting educators up-to-speed with 21st century skills, to design and produce our latest robot - Cubby

Designed with the needs of Educators in mind, we made this robot even more robust with larger touch sensors and an extra-durable speaker.

Included with every Cubby is a protective plastic case that easily fits in a bag or backpack, and a fold-out poster with visual quick-start directions so Educators always have a handy reference.

Watch the video to learn more about Cubby's features!

Starting in September 2018, TeacherCon began running programs across the country, distributing Cubby Kits to every teacher who attends. To date almost 1,000 robots have been distributed to teachers across Canada.

Here's what educators had to say!

We've also been encouraging teachers to use Cubby to get creative with making robot characters, and to showcase their creations in a public gallery hosted on - check out some of these awesome 'bots!

For now, Cubby is being exclusively distributed to teachers through TeacherCon, but we plan to release Cubby for everyone in early 2019.