Coolest Cubby Contest

May The Best 'Bot Win!!

Introducing Cubby

To celebrate the launch of Cubby, a special edition Little Robot Friend created for TeacherCon, we are hosting a creative contest for all who have received a Cubby.

Customize your Cubby and WIN!

Winner will receive this Little Robot Friends Educator Bundle (6-pack) valued at $499 CAD.

Our panel of judges will select a winner from the top five finalist (see enter details below). As a thank you, the four finalists will receive $30 gift certificate to Chapters/Indigo.

Win this 6-pack LRF Educator Bundle

The 6x Pack is perfect for small groups, homeschools, maker spaces, or coding clubs. This bundle pack can also be used in your classroom, which we encourage you to use it for, if you win. Trust us, your kids will love you for it!

Contest runs July 18 - November 30.
  Do it now and keep iterating your robot's costume and program - submit as many as you want! Early birds will receive a tweet from us to help boost your bubbles (see below).

Unique Little Robot Friends Characters

How to Enter

  1. Program a custom expression for your robot and dress it up! Need help getting started? Here is how to create your first expression. Or browse the LEARN section of our site to get some inspiration. Or check out some past characters created by kids from our workshop.

  2. Document your creation! Take a portrait photo or video of your newly customized Cubby. (Hint: videos will give us more information to judge by). Get creative with the scenery! 

  3. Create a user account on, upload your documentation from #2 (photos or videos), give it a title and a short write up. Feel free to share the back story of your creation, add a funny name, or make a note about how you program it in the description. Keep a link to your profile handy for the next steps (copy & paste it somewhere)

  4. Add your creation to our Coolest Cubby gallery. From the gallery page, click the big yellow plus icon, select 'Add Creation from Profile', and choose your creation to submit. Direct link:

  5. REGISTER yourself at our new Teach Portal. Without the registration, we won't know whose creation was submitted to the gallery! Enter your Creatubbles profile link from #3 in the registration form. Once you're able to login to our portal, you can add as many pictures/video to the gallery as you want.

  6. Last step, Get some bubbles! Bubbles in Creatubbles are the same as Likes in Facebook - get friends to bubbles your creation! The top 5 highest bubbles will become our finalists. The earlier you submit, the more time you have to get bubbles. We will also tweet each submission periodically to help boost your bubbles.

    Share your robot creation on your social feeds and invite your friends and family to bubble. Don't forget to mention Little Robot Friends @lilrobotfriends (so we can retweet) and use the hashtags #mycubby and #teacherconca on your social posts.

Meet Our Judges

Mark Argo

Creator and CTO of Little Robot Friends

Melissa Sariffodeen, Canada Learning Code
Melissa Sariffodeen

CEO of Canada Learning Code

Sharon Brown, Canada Learning Code
Sharon Brown

Educator Program Manager of Canada Learning Code

Paul Greenberg, Creatubbles
Paul Greenberg

Founder and CEO of Creatubbles

Finalists & winner will be announced on December 6, 2018


Tips to Get More Bubbles

  1. Follow and tweet at us! @lilrobotfriends
  2. Make sure people KNOW that you've entered the contest
  3. Let people know HOW to vote for you
  4. Tell them WHY you really want to win 
  5. Share your progress (not just after you're done) on social media. Get people excited and when you're done, direct them your creation to cast their votes.



How do I get a Cubby?
You get a Cubby if you attend TeacherCon either as an learner or a mentor. More info about TeacherCon is here.

Can I buy a Cubby?
Unfortunately, no. Cubby is currently issued as a single limited-edition created for Canada Learning Code.

Who is Canada Learning Code?
Canada Learning Code is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide and promote code education across Canada. Check out their website here.

What is Creatubbles?
Creatubbles (reads like create-able-s) is a social sharing site for creators of all ages. It’s an online space for children, families and teachers to save, share, discover and interact with multimedia creativity portfolios. Creators around the world use the site to share thousands of drawings, sculptures, painting, robots, code, video, audio, Minecraft creations, Lego creations, and more.

Creations shared on Creatubbles can be collected into galleries, and it’s a great way to visualize a creative community. Accounts are free and identity of creators are anonymized. Per their upload guidelines - only creations are allowed, photograph of human faces are not approved.

Little Robot Friends is using Creatubbles to showcase robot creations from our studio and workshops as well as from our communities all over the world.




Latest Hiring Posts

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In this hiring cycle, we’re looking for educators who will be able to teach and support classes on a part-time basis, starting from January 2024 with flexible end dates - though a consistent weekly schedule will be expected. Knowledge and comfort with technology is a strong plus, but the most important qualities are compassion and patience. Our primary goal is to build confidence, so being able to empathize with kids at this stage of learning is really important for achieving that.
Depending on the type of class a LRF educator either leads the class through the lessons or supports the class by providing additional help. Knowledge and comfortability with technology is a strong help, but the most important qualities are compassion and patience. As described above our primary goal is to build confidence, so being able to empathize with kids at this stage of learning is really important for achieving that.