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Our mission is to empower kids to think creatively with technology.

We started with a simple idea. How can we blur the line between toys and tools? Can we make a robot that encourages kids to customize not only how it looks and sounds, but how it works? And so we created the Little Robot Friends - a coding companion for curious minds.


Our co-founders understand the expectations of busy parents raising kids in the smartphone generation.

Meet Ann & Mark - the wife & husband duo behind Little Robot Friends. 

“In addition to us running a company together, we also run a family together! Together we’ve spent hours thinking of ways to encourage our child’s creativity and learning through play and exploration. Little Robot Friends is the result of that - a robot character that grows with kids.”


We've been making education awesome for over 10 years.

Before launching Little Robot Friends, Ann & Mark spent their time designing and building museum and science center exhibits around the world. Their expertise is in taking challenging subjects and making them fun & engaging for kids. When kids discover for themselves why things are awesome, they can propel their own excitement and imagination. Check out their past work at Aesthetec Studio.

We're a team of designers, engineers, and educators who are passionate about changing the way our kids learn.


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Depending on the type of class a LRF educator either leads the class through the lessons or supports the class by providing additional help. Knowledge and comfortability with technology is a strong help, but the most important qualities are compassion and patience. As described above our primary goal is to build confidence, so being able to empathize with kids at this stage of learning is really important for achieving that.
Education Manager is a bit of a catch-all for LRF. The main role is to work as a liaison between parents, kids, and educators and keep classes running smoothly. We expect that during the early months of the role, the education manager will also lead the instruction of some classes to familiarize themselves with the class material and our teaching style.