Paperbot Kit - DIY paper craft robot

Paperbot Kit

Make your own paper robot with eyes that light up! 

Paperbot Kit is designed for beginners who want to learn and make simple electronic circuit. With this kit, you can make a paper robot with eyes that light up using LEDs, conductive tape, and a coin cell battery. The paper template is pre-cut and pre-score for easy assembling, and is blank to be a canvas for your creativity!

We've also included some resistors for a light brightness-setting bonus challenge!

Design it to be any character you want!

Recommended age: 7+, with adult supervision

What do kids learn with this?

  • What a circuit is
  • How battery, light, and a switch work together
  • How to measure (in metric!), cut, and follow build instructions
  • Bonus introduction to resistors and how it works
  • & Flex their creativity by designing their own character

What's included in each kit? 

  • 2x single color LEDs (for the eyes) 
  • 65cm of conductive tape 
  • binder clip
  • 3x resistors
  • 1x coin cell battery 
  • Paperbot template 
  • Instruction card
  • Extra credit instruction card 

Other tools you'll need: wire cutters, scissors, scotch tape, ruler, markers or crayons



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