Paperbot Kit Multi-Packs (5,15,25)

Paperbot Kit Multi-Packs (5,15,25)

Make your own paper robot with eyes that light up! 

The Paperbot Kit is great for beginners who want to learn about simple circuitry. Make a paper robot with eyes that light up (red, green, or blue) using LEDs, copper tape, and a coin cell battery. Design it to be any character you want!

What's included in each kit? 

  • 2x RGB LEDs (for the eyes) 
  • 40cm of copper tape 
  • 1x coin cell battery 
  • Paperbot template 
  • Instruction card 

Other tools you'll need: cutting mat, x-acto knife, wire cutters, scissors, scotch tape, ruler, makers or crayons, and a push pin (optional)

    Follow this tutorial to make your kit!

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