Coding Club II (Saturday)

Coding Club II (Saturday)

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Coding Club II is finished for the school year! Please check back later in the summer for our new Fall programs.

Level up your coding skills!
 We're digging into robot sensors to explore values, math, and logic. Learn how to do advance tricks with your robot like coding them to communicate and play fun games with each other. 

Recommended ages: 9-12
Date: Every Saturday for 4 consecutive weeks
Time: 2pm-4:30pm

Lessons & Activities

Week 1: Introduction to Sensors & Circuits
Week 2: Program a RGB Mixer Trick (C & C++)
Week 3: Program a Robot Theremin Trick (C & C++)
Week 4: Program a Robot Says Game (C & C++)

This workshop is designed for graduates of Coding Club I or intermediate-level coders.

We provide robots and laptops for participants to use during workshop hours. If you have your own robot, feel free to bring it!