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Little Robot Friends are fun, expressive robots for learning code and electronics. Designed for curious minds age 7 and up, our robot characters start as a fun toy and transform into a technology learning tool as you play. Little Robot Friends express themselves both visually, through their light-up eyes, as well as musically through their speaker mouths. By programming a Little Robot Friend you customize exactly how it behaves. Every robot is a unique character just waiting to be created!

We’ve designed Little Robot Friends to encourage casual exploration of science, math, music, computational thinking, and social emotional learning.


Technology literacy is a prerequisite skill for the next generation. Teaching STEM, computer science and coding for kids are in high demand. Our strategy with Little Robot Friends is to engage kids with our fun interactive toys, and then lead them towards activities and challenges that expose them the 21st century skills they need. We want to make the learning process fun and casual, full of wonder and discovery.

Quick Facts


September 2013, a kickstarter campaign


Mark Argo & Ann Poochareon


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Ready To Play Kit
    (MSRP $80USD)
  • Ready to Make Kit
    (MSRP $75USD)
  • Little Robot Friends App

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