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Our programs have been designed & refined to engage your child's imagination and interest in STEM (or STEAM) activities.

Using story-telling, craft, dance, world-building, and other forms of expressive play we introduce kids to the magical world of coding and electronics and build their confidence to become tomorrow's next great inventor!

March Break 2020

We’re so excited to run another week long STEAM camp that is sure to inspire your kids.

This year, kids will explore different themes on each day of camp like programming robots, designing video games, and building simple machines (called Automata… have you heard of it?!)

Every single child will get the chance to exercise their creative muscles and build tons of new skills to show off at home.

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Summer: Maker Maze

Are your kids Escape Room enthusiasts with a real knack for puzzles?

Join us for our MAKER MAZE CAMP where we’re creating real-life interactive mazes full of hidden clues and wacky contraptions! Your kids will become master puzzle makers as they work together to encrypt clues using robots and build traps with electronic sensors. Then at the end of the week, parents and other campers will get a chance to test their own smarts by trying these maze games!

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Summer: World Building

Do your kids sometimes seem like they are in their own world? Let’s let them build it!

Join us for a WORLD BUILDING CAMP and explore what it means to be a citizen in a world of your own design! Kids are perceptive and have their own ideas on how society would function if they were in charge. From habitation and transportation, to ideas about waste, safety, and inclusion, these campers will imagine the different ways they can build a better world for all of us.

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Summer: Game Design

Does your kid talk about making games when they grow up? Why wait!

We’re spending an entire week diving deep into the world of games with our GAME DESIGN CAMP for your kids! From outdoor activities and board-games, to card games (like Pokemon) and video games, campers will learn about the basics of game-making and what makes games fun and challenging. Each camper will then turn their ideas into their very own video game - programmed using Scratch!

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Birthday Parties

Looking to have a very robot birthday?

Celebrate with code and cake at Little Robot Friends! Our birthday parties are suitable for kids age 7-12, and activities are customizable based on age. During the party, the kids will be guided through a hands-on activity that will introduce them to coding and electronics, and by the end, they will all program a robot to sing happy birthday to the party host!

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