Birthday Party

Birthday Party

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Book your birthday party with us! You'll get to learn all about electronics and program robots to sing happy birthday!

Date: Sundays
Time: 2.5 hours anytime between 10am-6pm
Cost: $249.99
Capacity: 12 kids max.

What's included? Space rental, computers and robots (only for use during the party), and reusable plates and cutlery. 

Sample of the day: 

  • 10 min Welcome & what are we doing today?
  • 20 min Paper programming warm-up 
  • 25 min What are Little Robot Friends? Parts & sensors!
  • 20 min Food & drinks
  • 1 hour Program your robot to sing "happy birthday"
  • 15 min Cake time! 
Add-Ons: We have Paperbot Kits that you can add to your loot bags for $5 each. It's a simple paper circuit activity your guests can try at home!

To reserve a date for your party or discuss further details, please email us at

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