Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Have a very robot Birthday!

Our birthday parties are suitable for kids age 7-12, and activities are customizable based on age. During the party, the kids will be guided thru a hands-on activity that will introduce them to coding and electronics, and by the end, they will all help to program the robot to sing happy birthday to the party host!

Date: Sundays
Time: 2.5 hours anytime between 10am-6pm
Capacity: 12 kids max.

What's included?

  • Our workshop space
  • Computers, robots, and other craft materials 
  • Dishes, cutlery, table cloths, and table to put your food

Example of the party's activity: 

  • 10 min Welcome & what are we doing today?
  • 20 min Paper programming warm-up 
  • 25 min What are Little Robot Friends? Parts & sensors!
  • 20 min Food & drinks
  • 1 hour Program your robot to sing "happy birthday"
  • 15 min Cake time! 

Extra Add-Ons (optional): 

  • We have our Paperbot Kits that you can add to your loot bags. It's a simple paper circuit activity your guests can try at home! We offer a special price if you want to add it into your loot bag. Let us know if you're interested!

  • Our friends at Tiny Toy Co. offers Re-Loot bags, which are loot bags made of upcycled toys! Delivery can be made to our location, saving you one less thing to organize.

  • All party attendees are eligible to purchase the Cubby Robot at our workshop price of $55 (original retail value: $79.99) if they want to take one home. 

  • Let us know if you'd like us to take care of ordering pizza, cake, and balloons! Fees will vary based on the size of your party, and we can quote after we get your information.

To reserve a date for your party or discuss further details, please email us at

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