8-Week Maker Club - Spring term

8-Week Maker Club - Spring term

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Join our Maker Club series where we'll make cool things and bring them to life with technology!

We'll be exploring movement using motors - zoom zoom!

This class is designed for kids with some coding experience and want to do more with electronics. (Perfect if you've already done our Coding Clubs last year, or if you're already a whiz at coding in Scratch and/or Minecraft).

Using the Little Robot Friends' base as a microcontroller, kids will learn how to control a DC geared motor. Together we will build a cardboard car and gain in-depth understanding of how we program things to move. Future smart car engineer, anyone?

Location: 1832 Danforth Avenue
Date: Every Saturday from April 27 - June 15, 2019
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Age: 9-12

Lessons & Activities (Tentative)
Week 1: Introduction to motors
Week 2: How to control speed
Week 3: How to build a cardboard car
Week 4: How to steer a wheel
Week 5: How to detect for collisions
Week 6: How to follow a line
Week 7: How to power a servo
Week 8: Navigate through a maze

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Little Robot Friends' base circuit to power your car. If you have your own robot, bring it along! For those who do not have a robot, we provide demo robots to use during the workshop. You'll receive a special educational discount if you want to purchase a robot kit to take home.