8-Week Coding Club

8-Week Coding Club

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Our 8-week coding club will take you from total beginner to almost pro! 

In this introductory class, kids will learn basic electronics and circuitry, robotics, computational thinking, creative making, and how to code in a real programming language!

They'll be bringing robots to life with visual coding and Arduino (C & C++), by programming them to sing songs, play games, and perform cool tricks.

Location: 1832 Danforth Avenue
Date: Every Saturday from October 13 - December 1
Time: 2pm-4:30pm
Age: 9-12

Lessons & Activities
Week 1: Hello Friend - Intro to our robot friend and visual coding program
Week 2: Program secret messages (LRF Blocks App)
Week 3: Program singing robots (LRF Blocks App)
Week 4: Level up from Blocks to Arduino
Week 5: Tinker with sensors and circuits
Week 6: Program a RGB color mixer trick (C & C++)
Week 7: Program a theremin trick (C & C++)
Week 8: Program a robot says game (C & C++)

We provide learning materials to all participants. If you own a robot, feel free to bring it along. All students receive special educational discount for a new robot kit.