Our Coding Workshops

Give your child the confidence and know-how to start making, inventing, and having fun with technologies.

We offer coding classes and camps that are fun and engaging for kids age 7 and up. Our project-focused approach covers coding, electronics, math, music, physics, engineering, art and more. 

Some of the things they'll learn:

  • Basics of electronic parts, sensors, and how technology works in their daily lives
  • Fundamental coding concepts 
  • Core music concepts
  • Coding with visual blocks and Arduino using C & C++
  • Logic, patterns, and experimental problem-solving
  • Empathy and social-emotional awareness 
  • Having fun with math
  • Making new friends and working together
  • & so much more!

What other families have said about our classes:


Questions? Call us 416-238-2234 M-F 10-6 or email hello@littlerobotfriends.com

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