Online Summer Camps + Kits


Building on the success of our ‘cyber summer camp’ last year, we’re pleased to announce the two programs we will be running this summer - Game Makers CampArt-in-Space Camp. Much like last year, these half-day camps will be held online but will also come with a Camp Kit loaded with hands-on activities for kids aged 7 to 10 (grades 3-5).

These are week-long half-day camps - Monday thru Friday.


Each day will look like this: 

  • Join us for a 10m warm-up to get everyone ready for the camp
  • Digital time! 1 hour (ish) of coding, 3D design, or graphics/animation 
  • Break time! 10m to stretch, snack, or answer the call of nature
  • Tangible time! 1 hour (ish) of discussion, hands-on crafts and activities
  • 10m to unwind, answer questions, set goals for tomorrow!


Every camp group is limited to 5 kids, so your child will get the focused attention they need to learn new amazing things! We will be running these half-day camps from 9AM to 11:30AM (EST) and 12:30AM to 3PM (EST), so there is flexibility based where you are and what you’re doing throughout the day. 


Your child is going to love their Summer Camp & Kit experience. Our team of educators excel in engaging young minds in challenging concepts, and will help your child build confidence in being creative with technology. Here’s what other parents have said: 


“Julia did not want our help with anything and was so proud of her success in being able to make things with your guidance” - Proud Parent

“The special delivery box with your logo that you drop off in advance is also amazing, it really got the kids excited” - Happy Parent

“I have been truly impressed with their patience, encouragement and support” - Impressed Parent


Reserve your spot by June 22nd for only $29 and lock in an early-bird discount for when the camp begins! Registration balance will be billed before we deliver the kit to you, full cost is $299CAD or $249CAD for early-birds ($199USD / $249USD). Limited spaces available, so don’t wait!

Note: Week of Aug 3-6 is 4-days and will be $199CAD early / $249CAD full price.


Click on each camp for more details:

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