Coding Club: Nano (7-9 Years, Fall 2021 Term)

Coding Club: Nano (7-9 Years, Fall 2021 Term)

Nano Coding Club is great for first-time coders or coders with some prior experience. In Nano, we make games and animations with plenty of room for coders to add their own creative ideas. Nano coders develop confidence, resilience and logical thinking through solving coding problems.

Our projects are designed to give kids a head-start in developing their math intuition, and see real applications of math concepts like: coordinate systems, negative numbers, decimals, angles, and more.

With Nano Coding Club, your child will develop their critical thinking skills and learn how to be a conscious and compassionate digital creator. Kids can make video games! Not just play them!  

The Fall 2021 Term begins the week of September 20th and runs for 12 weeks until the week of December 6th.

Classes will be run on Zoom.


Some common questions:

  • What is the recommended age? 7-9 years old
  • How long is each class? around 60 minutes
  • What do we need? laptop or desktop computer (no tablets)
  • How long is a term? 12 weeks
  • Can I cancel mid-term? yes, after a minimum of 1 month
  • Is this purchase only for the first month? yes, the program is $97/month
  • What happens after the first month? read below...


Joining the Club:

Once you've completed your purchase, we will email you to confirm registration details and enrol your child in the class. You'll then receive a calendar invite with links for the video sessions and other material. If you choose to continue after the first month, we send you a link to sign up for monthly no-hassle billing. Pause or cancel anytime.


Returning Members:

If you're a previous member and we already have your billing details, use the promo code MEMBERME at checkout and we won't bill you today. We will just pick up where we left off when classes begin!


Is the class you want is sold out, please contact us to join the waiting list.

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