These workshops guide kids through their first steps in being creative with technology. Our project-focused approach dips into challenges around math, music, physics, engineering, and more, while keeping a focus on the expressive and emotive side of robotics. 

Give your child the confidence and know-how to start making, inventing, and having fun with technologies.

Things they'll learn:

  • Basics of electronic parts and sensors (RGB LEDs, photocells, accelerometers, and more)
  • Fundamental coding concepts (variables, booleans, events, and functions)
  • Core music concepts (notes, intonations, octaves, and durations)
  • Coding with visual blocks and Arduino using C & C++
  • Logic, patterns, and experimental problem-solving
  • Empathy and social-emotional awareness 

Workshops take place at LRF HQ: 1832 Danforth Ave. Toronto, Canada. 

Hilcrest Coding Club is held at Toronto Tool Library Hilcrest: 830 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto.

Request a customizable Private Workshop for girls guide group, birthday parties, or an in-school visit by emailing to discuss further details.