Cubby Educator Packs

Cubby Educator Packs

Our Cubby Educator Packs are designed for teachers, homeschoolers, after school programs or any group of kids! An excellent way to introduce electronics and coding together in your classrooms. Included in each packs are:

  • Educator Field Guide, with example lessons and how to get started
  • Character Cards for designing your own robot character
  • Extra costume packs
  • Extra stickers!
  • Robot anatomy poster for learning different parts

Our Educator Field Guide walks you through coding and electronic activities for teaching. Since Cubby is small, our approach is to have one robot per kid, however, we have found that children also enjoy working in pairs of group of threes.

The Sampler Pack includes 2 robots. The handy Educator Field Guide explains how to get the robots to talk beepboopese and then sing together! 

The 6x, 12x, and 24x pack refers to how many robots are included, (6x includes 6 robots, etc.), and we add more of the costume packs, character cards, and stickers to the larger packs!

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