DIY Face Shield Kit

DIY Face Shield Kit

This is a 3D printed face shield frame and plastic sheet kit which will produce a protective, anti-droplet face shield.

We are using an open-source design from this project by 3DVerkstan from Sweden

  • Light weight, comfortable to wear for extended period
  • Good alternative for those unable to wear masks
  • No pinching and has no elastic parts that would wear out
  • One size fits most - from age 6 and up. 
  • Infinitely reusable, just wipe the sheet with disinfectant! 

Ship to US and Canada only, and shipping is included. Please note, there is a 1.5 week turnaround time for each order depending on qty (we will be in touch about it). 

$20CAD for 4 units. In 1x order you will receive 4x frames and 4x acetate sheets with cut holes, ready to assemble. Color will be random. 

Proceeds from the DIY Face Shield Kit will be donated to Black Lives Matter Toronto's COVID19 Black Emergency Support Fund

From our initial order batch, we were able to donate $550 to the BLM COVID19 Support Fund. That fund has now been closed and we will reevaluate where extra funds from future sales will go.


Are you an educator?

We are looking to provide mass quantity of face shields for schools and have a small window of prep time! We can also help evaluate if your STEM lab at school can produce these on-site, which would be a total game changer! Please get in touch:

How to Put The Face Shield Together



Q: Can I use face shield instead of a mandatory face mask in public spaces?

Quick answer: Probably.

Long answer: It depends... 
on where you're planning to use it! The main difference between a face mask covering nose and mouth and the full face shield is the type of protection:

- Face shield covers your eyes, nose and mouth where the virus can enter your body. It protects against larger droplets.

- Face mask / nose mouth protection is meant to keep your germs away from other people, and can filter aerosols (smaller particles than droplets)

Best protection is to wear both. 

Currently there is no "laws" regulating these new head gears outside of the medical settings, so we all have to use our judgement and be flexible. For examples: if you are entering a shop that requires mandatory face mask, perhaps gently ask if just the face shield is ok to use. When I enter a hospital setting where I know space will be an issue, I wear both. If I'm going out for a walk to the park or meeting up with friends distantly, one other will be fine. 

Here is a summary about what we currently know so far about face gears and coronavirus:

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