Art-in-Space Camp + Kit (Reservation)

Art-in-Space Camp + Kit (Reservation)

Space is an amazing place! From our Mars Rovers, to the ISS, to the myriad of satellites and probes, humans are extending our reach to the stars. In this Camp & Kit, we will explore the complex beauty of space by creating artworks using code and crafts! Campers will get to make art with LEDs, turn math into music, and design 3D sculptures (and maybe even print them on a 3D printer).

Important Details

  • This is an online camp, not in-person camp
  • Groups are limited to 5 students based on age & skill
  • Laptops and desktops are preferred over tablets
  • Basic craft tools may be required (scissors, ruler, glue / tape)
  • Camp Kits will be shipped two weeks before your session begins
  • Balance of camp cost will be billed when your kit ships
  • Full price of camp is $299CAD / Early bird price is $249CAD ($199USD / $249USD)

Camp Daily Schedule

  • Join us for a 10m warm-up to get everyone ready for the camp
  • Digital time! 1 hour (ish) of coding, 3D design, or graphics/animation 
  • Break time! 10m to stretch, snack, or answer the call of nature
  • Tangible time! 1 hour (ish) of discussion, hands-on crafts and activities
  • 10m to unwind, answer questions, set goals for tomorrow!

What our customers say:

“Julia did not want our help with anything and was so proud of her success in being able to make things with your guidance” - Proud Parent
“The special delivery box with your logo that you drop off in advance is also amazing, it really got the kids excited” - Happy Parent
“I have been truly impressed with their patience, encouragement and support” - Impressed Parent

Cancellation Policy

We will offer full refunds on cancellations up to 4 weeks before your camp begins. We will offer partial refunds (price paid minus $50CAD) up to 1 week before camp begins. Otherwise we can offer a 50% credit for cancellation the week before camp begins. Once camp has started, any credits will be made on a case-by-case basis.

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