Little Robot Friends App
The Little Robot Friends App allows you to easily customize your robot's behaviour through a drag and drop interface — no coding required! With this app, you can:
  • Give your robot a name!
  • Assign robot expressions (color lights and beep combination) to each action (tap, tickle, hug, shake, bored, lights on/off, etc.)
  • Edit or make new expressions for your robot
Downloads | Install Mac | Install ChromeOS | Install Windows | Using the app

Little Robot Friends App 1.0.3

Mac 10.7+





  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded our Mac app from the download section above.
  2. Click Downloads in your dock and open the littlerobotfriends dmg file (it’ll be named something like “littlerobotfriends-mac-x.x.x.dmg”). Mac open LRF download
  3. The dmg file opens a folder with our Little Robot Friends app icon and a shortcut to your applications folder. Drag our app icon into the applications folder. Mac drag LRF app to applications
  4. You can unmount the dmg image by viewing your desktop, two finger tapping or right clicking the dmg and selecting unmount. Mac eject LRF dmg applications
  5. Congratulations you’ve now installed the Little Robot Friends app on your mac. You can launch the Little Robot Friends app by opening your applications folder and clicking on the app.

Chrome OS

  1. Visit our app page on the Chrome Web Store here
  2. Click the “Add To Chrome” button on the top right of the page. Add to Chrome
  3. You can launch your app by clicking the “Launch App” button at the top right of the store page. Chrome Installed

    Alternately you can launch your app by opening the Chrome Launcher.

    Launch from Chrome Launcher


  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded our windows app from the download section above.
  2. Plug in your robot. If you are running Windows 7, you will need to install our LRF Windows driver before your robot can be properly detected. You can download that here. Otherwise continue to step 3.
  3. Open the folder the file has been downloaded to. You should see a file in the format of (Where x.x.x corresponds to a version number) Open Windows downloads
  4. Unzip the zip contents by right clicking the file and selecting “Extract All”. Your version of windows may have a different terminology depending on your version and software installed. Let’s choose a safe place to extract our app to. We suggest extracting to your “Documents” folder. Extract LRF app zip Extract to documents
  5. Navigate to your “Documents” if it is not already open. A new folder named “Little Robot Friends” should have been created. This folder contains our app! Open the folder and double click on LittleRobotFriends.exe to launch the app. LRF folder saved to docs Executing the LRF App
  6. Depending on your security settings you may run into a warning: “Windows protected your PC” (or a variant of that depending on your version of Windows). Windows is notifying you that you’re opening a new application you’ve just downloaded from the internet. We can go ahead and click “more info” and “run anyway” to let Windows know we trust the file is okay! Windows security warning Windows security warning run anyway
  7. It may be useful to create shortcuts for the application so you can launch it from your desktop. Right click the LittleRobotFriends.exe. Here you can select:

    • “Send to > Desktop”, which will create a shortcut on your Desktop
    • “Pin to Start”, which will create a shortcut in your start menu
    • “Pin to Taskbar”, which will create a shortcut on your taskbar

    Create windows shortcuts

This makes it easy to launch your LittleRobotFriends app without navigating to the Documents folder each time.

Using the App

Watch our tutorial on how to use our Little Robot Friends App. This video will explain how to:

  • Set expressions on your robot by using our drag and drop interface
  • Create custom expressions inside our expression editor
  • How to map an expression to an event
  • How to upload and set expressions on your robot