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A little insight on how Little Robot Friends has grown from a small project based on a big idea.
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Our Mission...

We make fun learning tools that spark ideas and empower the next generation of inventors.

Technology literacy is now a prerequisite skill. Teaching STEM, computer science and coding for kids are in high demand. Our strategy with Little Robot Friends is to engage kids with our fun interactive toys, and then lead them towards activities and challenges that expose them the 21st century skills they need. We want to make the learning process fun and casual, full of wonder, discovery, and delight.

About Us

Little Robot Friends are designed and made with love in Toronto, Canada

For the past ten years, co-founders of Little Robot Friends — Mark Argo and Ann Poochareon — have been making interactive installations for science centres and museums. The majority of our design work revolves around taking complex, sometimes boring, subjects and making them fun to learn. We’ve brought a Thai history museum to life through storytelling, animation and interactive exhibits; developed an innovative multi-player game about sustainable mining practice for the Royal Ontario Museum; made dozens of ways to explore music and sound through visual and kinetic interfaces for science centres; and even helped explain the science behind hockey with an award-winning exhibit for Discovery Cube LA. To date, we have designed, produced and installed close to 100 interactive exhibits around the world.

In 2013, our first version of Little Robot Friends launched on Kickstarter as a novelty DIY robot targeted at electronic hobbyists. The project reached the funding goal in 36 hours and ended up raising more than $120,000 ($55k initial goal). We have made and sold more than 5,000 units of the original Little Robot Friends to buyers in more than 40 countries.

The enthusiasm and feedback we received from that Kickstarter launch and subsequent requests for teaching materials thereafter propelled us into thinking about Little Robot Friends as an educational tool. We’ve applied the same approach used throughout our museum projects – to make learning fun and engaging – to the hardware and apps we are creating for Little Robot Friends. As well, we’re using technical skills honed over ten years of producing interactive media and installations to craft a set of consumer products that is adorable, unique, and useful.

The Founders

Mark Argo and Ann Poochareon have been working within the interactive media and education-related fields for over ten years. The pair began their career at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, then working as new media artists in Europe, at Fabrica to create digital exhibits. They founded Aesthetec Studio in 2007, when opportunities took them to Thailand to help design interactive exhibits for the Museum of Siam. Afterwards, the company moved to Toronto and was selected to be part of the original design team for Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Aesthetec Studio have designed, produced and installed close to 100 interactive exhibits in various museums and public spaces around the world. In all these projects, the studio specializes in creating engaging experience, finding a captivating entry point for complicated subject matter.

Little Robot Friends is their first foray into the world of consumer products, but one that shares the same ethos as Aesthetec Studio – to help spark ideas for curious minds using creative applications of technologies.

The Team
Jonathan Seguin
Lead Software Developer
Phuong Diep
Sales & Partnerships
Victor Wong
Production Designer
Chris Olson
User-Experience Designer
Adam Carriere
Software Developer