Make. Play. Code.

Little Robot Friends are fun, expressive robots for learning code and electronics

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Meet Spikey, Ghosty, Curvy

Make Your Robot Unique

Craft a Costume

Use stickers, felt, papercraft, or a 3D printer to create a character.

Create Expressions

Our drag-and-drop app make it easy to customize robot expressions.

Upload A Trick

Teach your robot to sing, perform tricks, and more with code.

Many Ways to Play

Little Robot Friends are packed with sensors for tons of fun. Tap, tickle, tilt, shake, hug, blow a kiss, play peekaboo, or turn the lights on and off. The robots respond to each input with an expression, a combination of blinks and beeps.

Program a Personality

You can customize the robot’s responses with our app and even design your own expressions.

Learn real coding skills by following our step-by-step tutorials to program the robot using code (C/C++).

Connect to the World

With built-in wifi, your robot can become an Internet of Things of device. Program your friend to respond to weather notification, in-coming mail, a twitter mention, and many more through IFTTT.