Little Robot Friends are fun & expressive robots that make
a great introduction to the world of coding and electronics.
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July 12th, 19th & 26th
Danny Loves Music
East Lynn Park
Aug 2nd
LRF Summer Camp
Toronto Tool Library @ St. Clair
Aug 8th
LRF Summer Workshop
Brampton Library
Aug 10th
LRF Summer Camp
Toronto Tool Library @ Danforth
Aug 18th-20th
CNE Innovation Garage
Canadian National Exhibition

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Make Your Robot Unique

With Costumes and Decorations

Meet Spikey, Ghosty and Curvy - they’re all the same, but what makes them unique is YOU!

Use the included sticker pack to decorate, or choose one of our papercraft costumes to give your robot some character!

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Customizable Personality

With Our Drag-n-drop App

Is your robot afraid of the dark? Or does it get grumpy in bright lights? Does it laugh when it gets tickled? Or does it get annoyed?

Our App lets you customize how your robot responds in each situation and even create your own custom expressions!

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Teach Your Robot Tricks

With Code In Arduino

Power-up your robot to sing songs, protect your stuff, be an alarm clock, play games and more.

Download one of our code tricks and use the free Arduino app to put it on your robot. Or code your own custom tricks using our tutorials as a guide.

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Get Social

And Make Friends

Put two robots together, give one a hug and then they can become friends!

Once they are friends, they can chat to each other using WiFi and even play games together! They can even connect to the Internet using your home WiFi router.

Learning STEM should be

Fun & Creative

We’ve made Little Robot Friends a perfect companion for introducing your kids to concepts around coding and electronics.

Our videos and tutorials walk them through the basics of how each electronic component works, and our App and Arduino library gets them coding. For beginners, we’ve got a visual coding App coming this fall that will make learning code even easier!

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What are folks saying about Little Robot Friends?

If you’ve outgrown Tamagotchis and are annoyed by Furby, but still want a cute robot companion, then Little Robot Friends could be the droids you’re looking for.
- Amanada Kooser, CNET

Little Robot Friends [are] tiny interactive companions... that can help even the newest of newbs learn the basics of hardware programming.”
- Melissa Grey, Engadget

Whether you’re looking for an educational gift for children or a new friend in the cubicle, it’s hard to ignore these little guys.
- Jeff Lagerquist, Post City